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  • June 26, 2015

Please consider donating to the Knights of Columbus Bishops Project. For 57 years the Knights of Columbus in the Pittsburgh Diocese have answered the call of our Bishops to help The St. Anthony School Programs and The McGuire Home for special needs children. For 57 years the Knights of Columbus have shown through example that all life has value, all life has dignity and that we are all God’s children. And sometimes God’s children need help. You can help us help them by making a donation here on this web site or by mailing your donation to the address below. Thank you for allowing us to answer the call to serve.
Jack Rosati, 2016/2017 Bishop’s Project Chairman

This website does not need to be used to make donations. We historically and willingly accept donations by mail. These donations can be mailed to either one of two locations, the latter being preferred except for matching fund donations. It is also beneficial that if you mail a donation that you identify, if you are a Knight, to which council you are a member.

Knights of Columbus Bishop of Pittsburgh Diocese Project
PO Box 9691
Pittsburgh, PA 15226-0961


“Bishop’s Project”
c/o Gary Williard, Treasurer
54 Florence Drive
Pittsbugh, PA 15220-2012

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