Serving intellectually disabled and/or physically challenged youth and adults in the
Saint Anthony Schools and McGuire Memorial Home and Schools.

With over 62 years of participation, the Knights of Columbus have donated over $6 million to the project.

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Our Progress So Far

Our goal reflects our progress toward a desired donation of $200,000 to the St. Anthony School and McGuire Memorial programs. Not all the raised funds will come via this Web site and we do have expenses. The value represented to the left reflects the best estimate of what can be donated at this point in the fiscal year (ending the last day of February each year) based on funds raised by all methods less (known and projected) expenses.

How We Fundraise

There are unlimited ways in which this project may raise donations. Historically, the primary three processes are shown to the right. The Web site is new to the project (2015). Knights of Columbus councils have raised more independently raised funds by such methods as scrap Aluminum collections, “Night at the Races” functions, fundraising dinners, etc. (Each council will individually decide and promote these as deemed appropriate. Look for these types of events year round.) Occasionally, the project has been bequeathed a donation, provided a donation from a foundation, or provided employer matching fund offers.


Church and School Drive

Originally known as the “Penny Collection”, this growing fundraising approach is often conducted at the local Catholic Schools wherein students can buy “dress-down” days an


Christmas Seals

Distribution of seals through the Diocese of Pittsburgh Catholic churches was the original fundraising method and about 100,000 seals will be distributed this year. Each year, the


Tootsie Roll Drive

Since the early 1980s, Knights have been passing out Tootsie Rolls at generous area merchants in the hopes of donations. The Tootsie Roll Industries has long manufactured Tootsie R



The beneficiaries of this project are the St. Anthony School Programs and the McGuire Memorial Home. Their mission statements are provided below.

St. Anthony School Programs


St. Anthony School Programs provides an inclusive educational environment for children ages 5-21 with Autism, Down Syndrome and other Intellectual Disabilities. Regardless of race or creed we educate and train our students to become productive members of our region and live their lives to the fullest academically, socially, vocationally and spiritually.

McGuire Memorial Home


McGuire Memorial is a co-sponsored ministry of the Felician Sisters of North America and the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Forming a joy-filled community of Christian believers, McGuire Memorial is committed to providing comprehensive services to people with mental and physical disabilities that may include complex medical conditions and offers supportive services to their families and caregivers.

  • Most Reverend David A. Zubik

    Bishop, Diocese of Pittsburgh

    For sixty-two years, the Knights of Columbus in the Diocese of Pittsburgh have undertaken the “Bishop’s Project” on behalf of McGuire Memorial and Saint Anthony School Programs.  Since it’s inception, this project has raised over $5.5 million to support these two exceptional apostolates.

    Providing holistic, comprehensive care to persons with mental and physical disabilities, McGuire Memorial prepares each person to make the maximum use of their abilities, thus enriching our society to its fullest. Saint Anthony School Programs maximizes the individual student’s potential for academic learning, fosters self-respect and confidence and develops competence in employment and living skills through inclusive education within the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

    Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of our precious children and their families. May you and those you love continue to be guided and protected by our dear Mother Mary under the mantle of her love.

  • Sister Mary Thaddeus

    President and CEO, McGuire Memorial

    Each year you set fundraising goals as individual councils that contribute to the overall goal for the Bishop’s Project.  As you stand outside of Wal-Marts, make pancakes, serve spaghetti, sell Tootsie Rolls and seals, collect pennies and creatively find ways to reach the goals of the Project, I pray that you will always remember “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving!”

    The giving of your time and effort and the giving of yourselves in raising funds is indicative of the love you have for the children and adults we support at McGuire Memorial. Your love for our individuals is and always has been the hallmark of the Knights of Columbus and we at McGuire Memorial, the Felician Sisters, board members, staff and especially our individuals are the beneficiaries of that love!

  • Mark Sieg

    CEO, St. Anthony's School Programs

    St. Anthony School Programs has truly been blessed by your very generous support over these many years.  We celebrate the hard work of the Councils who have dedicated their time and talents to this year’s Bishop’s Project.

    St. Anthony School Programs has used these funds to enhance services such as speech therapy, behavior therapy, and new this year, social robotic therapy.  The quality of services provided to our students is only made possible with your continued support.  We are hoping to expand in the 2015-2016 School Year by opening up a second classroom at St. Thomas More School.

    There is a saying that hangs in office that says:  “If you can bring one moment of happiness into the life of a child, you are a co-worker with God.”  Together, we stand united in helping all individuals with special needs.

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